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Contract negotiation, drafting and execution

From the very beginning of discussions with clients and/or suppliers, Ipeleng will be present to witness the true intentions of the parties as well as identify any risks, special provisions or legislation which may be applicable to the contractual relationship. Thereafter, our experienced staff will guide you through the process of drafting, negotiating and executing a contract which will protect our clients while balancing the business relationship.

Contract review and revision

Whether it is supplier terms and conditions or a long term agreement received from a client, Ipeleng can assist to review these legal terms and provide our client with sound legal advice which will protect their business interests.

Contract audit and management services

We understand the importance of good housekeeping and ensuring that all legal documents entered into by your company are organised, filed and monitored to ensure strict compliance with the terms. Ipeleng can assist your company with a full contract audit which will consist of the provision of a contract tracker which lists all current agreement as well as important, noteworthy details such as renewal dates, cancellation terms and monetary value. Once we provide you with all the tools necessary we can assure you that your company will be able to manage its contracts and business relationships more effectively.

Commercial or contractual legal advice and opinions

With many years experience in the commercial law sector, Ipeleng is able to balance business needs and legal compliance providing our clients with advice which will not only protect their legal interests but also improve and nurture business relationships.

SHEQ (Safety Health Environment Quality System):

We provide an occupational health and safety program which ensures efficient governance within your organisation. Industries differ in terms of SHEQ regulation requirements which we will assist in identifying and aligning accordingly.

Privacy Law compliance (POPIA) | Anti-corruption and bribery law compliance

Ipeleng’s compliance division are experts in implementing policies and procedures which will assist your company in complying with South African legislation. Each client’s requirements are assessed individually ensuring that a “one-size-fits-all” approach is not applied and the needs of each client are met.

QMS (Quality Management System)

Ipeleng provides a quality management system especially suited for your company, which involves a clear and concise set of policies, procedures and processes affecting the core of your business, thereby reducing costs and losses due to semi-skilled untrained labour, poor workmanship, and unsafe practices.

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