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"Laws should be like clothes.

They should be made to fit

the people they serve."

- Clarence Darrow

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With over 10 years’ of experience

With over 10 years’ of experience, Ipeleng’s legal consulting team offers its clients accessible and affordable legal services for companies – big and small. ​

With our background in corporates and entrepreneurship, our team focuses on business and relationships while taking into account the applicable laws and regulations which ensures a client-focused approach when tackling any legal issues. We provide quick turnaround times and a transparent fee structure ensuring that your legal requirements are met efficiently and within your budget. Our speciality is Commercial, Contract, Sports Law and Compliance however our team of experts can assist across all fields of law.


Discover our expertise by learning what we offer

Contract negotiation, drafting and execution

From the very beginning of discussions with clients and/or suppliers, Ipeleng will be present to witness the true intentions of the parties ...

Contract review and revision

Whether it is supplier terms and conditions or a long term agreement received from a client, Ipeleng can assist to review these legal terms ...

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