Ipeleng Risk Management Services provides our Client’s with profile checks of personnel for screening and vetting purposes:  the following includes credit history, criminal background, FBS checks, deeds search and many more. We deploy confidential informants and intelligence personnel in the field to mitigate any tactics of sabotage, espionage within the Clients organization. We can install overt and covert surveillance teams to preserve the integrity of the Client. These teams are deployed to collate information and intelligence files through their own mediums and platforms. We have the capability to locate and triangulate mobile phones “ping services “.

Ipeleng Risk Management Services will appoint personnel to meet with Client’s representatives at government or diplomatic level in order to keep the lines of communications open and exchange of information pertaining to necessary Security exposures in each sector.


Ipeleng Risk Management Services supplies security-registered guards ranging from Grades C to A in the commercial, industrial and the private sectors. We specialize in guarding private residences as we understand the importance of the safety and security of the client’s families whilst relaxing in their ‘peace haven’ the security processes for the residence are carefully assessed and the security officers are then trained prior to implementation. We also understand the need for strictly controlling and managing vacant residences, buildings and factories. Our guards are constantly provided with on the job training and honing their skills with the onsite, site instructions, security operating procedures, their training is documented in accordance with our Quality Management System.


Ipeleng Risk Management Services consults and advises security management in all aspects of security, at all levels, writing up security operating procedures, site and work instructions are in accordance with quality management systems.  We will conduct security audits and risk profiles as and when required. Ipeleng develops security orientation programs for key personnel and ex pats in order to keep them current with South African security protocols.


Ipeleng Risk Management Services provides risk and threat assessments for the protection of life, property and information to the commercial, industrial and private sector. To gain a clear understanding of the risk and objectives we will analyze the impact it has on the business or person. Once a threat assessment has been made, our risk consultants will, in turn, assess and determine the specific security needed to negate the situation.


Ipeleng Risk Management Services offers Security Audits in accordance with our QMS which  will address and provide a safer and more secure working and living environment by preventing loss due to theft and prevent casual attitudes towards security. It is essential that the steps of risk assessment and the formulation of an organizational security policy go hand in hand. It is important to continually review the evolving needs of the business or individual to the ever changing threats.


Ipeleng Risk Management Services Close Protection personnel have been handpicked and selected based on both their exceptional hard and soft skills; they have met the criteria and selection process aligned with the Industry standards and come from an array of backgrounds which include military, law enforcement and security agencies. Ipeleng has provided services across the board to blue chip organizations to state owned enterprises, we can facilitate all the Clients VIP requirements and strike action needs.


Ipeleng Risk Management Services and its technical installation team offers a large range of security products and devices such as alarms, access control systems, intercoms, biometrics, CCTV cameras, communications and all types of fencing.  All our installers and technical installations are compliant with the Industry standards and have the authority to sign off compliance certificates for work completed.


Ipeleng Risk Management Services is an Accredited Training Operation that offers accredited courses and competencies in ‘body guarding’ and firearms training. We conduct non-unit standard programs such as, security awareness for corporate clients and security orientation for their expatriates. These programs are tailored to the client’s needs and are offered at our offices or in the comfort of your own home or workplace.


Ipeleng Risk Management Services can provide a quality management system especially suited for your company, thereby reducing costs and losses due to semi skilled untrained labor, poor workmanship and unsafe practices.


Ipeleng Risk Management Services can provide and service an occupational health and safety program.