We supply technical installations and offer a large range of security products and devices such as alarms, access control systems, CCTV cameras, communications and fencing.


We provide advanced access control systems to organizations and individuals. Access control provides you with a security service that measures daily access management. The proper implementation of an access control system can reduce the need for on site patrols or hiring of patrolling companies. By utilizing access control systems you minimize the risk of unauthorised entry into businessís and private premises.

Access Control Features:

  • Alarm Monitoring
  • Alarm Systems.
  • Card Access
  • Card Readers
  • CCTV Systems
  • Off Site Monitoring
  • Distinctive Signature Thumbprint Reading

Close Circuit TV (CCTV) reduces and or even ceases the amount of loss a business may experience from theft. CCTV is commonly used to conduct surveillance and has an incredible effect in monitoring employees and the public. Hospitals, warehouses, and large companies rely on CCTV to monitor activity in and around the location. Airports rely heavily on CCTV to monitor people who enter and it is an integral part of anti-terrorism. CCTV is able to make areas there were once unsafe, safe and possible to utilize.


  • Home Security
  • Business Security
  • Anti-Terrorists Security
  • Theft Prevention
  • Vandalism Prevention
  • Loss Prevention
  • Monitoring Areas that Are Risky or Unsafe Without Surveillance
  • CCTV Monitoring via Cellular Phones
  • CCTV Monitoring via Landline Phones
  • CCTV Monitoring via the Internet
  • CCTV Monitoring via Wireless Devices
  • Digital Recording
  • Full Control of the CCTV System
  • Total Protection 24 hours a day, all week long

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