We provide risk and threat assessments for the protection of life, property and information to the commercial, industrial and private sector. To gain a clear understanding of the risk and objectives we will analyse the impact it has on the business or person. Once a threat assessment has been made, our risk consultants will, in turn, assess and determine the specific security needed to negate the situation. The risk assessment helps our risk consultants define the singular needs of the client and to address those needs with an electronic and/or physical security solution: one that reasonably reflects on the client’s budget. A risk assessment provides a platform for which we can supply a scope of recommendations and resources to ensure the clients safety and security.


Security Audits will address and provide a safer and more secure working and living environment by preventing loss due to theft and prevent casual attitudes towards security. It is essential that the steps of risk assessment and the formulation of an organizational security policy go hand in hand. It is important to continually review the evolving needs of the business or individual to the ever changing threats.


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